• What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin, or BTC, is a digital currency issued in the market in 2009 by an anonymous creator who goes under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoins can be stored on a personal computer as a wallet file or through a third-party platform that stores BTC wallets. It can be sent over the internet to anyone who owns your personal Bitcoin wallet. The main advantage of Bitcoin and other digital currencies is independence from any government or institution: decentralization. The security of the coins is ensured by a peer-to-peer database that maintains all Bitcoin transactions and cryptography. Transactions are made between users without any interference from intermediaries. There is no possibility of creating more coins than planned for the market. In the case of Bitcoin, it is 21 million pieces. In this way inflation is almost impossible. But it is possible to speculate on the value of Bitcoin. That is why it can be traded and you can try to make money with the changing rate of BTC.

  • What is Tether (USDT)?

    Tether - USDT is a digital currency created by Tether LTD. It is a Stablecoin: a cryptocurrency designed to minimize fluctuations in value. A single USDT represents the value of one United States dollar (USD). Thanks to a proven ERC20 Ethereum protocol, international transfers made in USDT take just a couple of minutes.

  • I can't log into my account

    In case you have forgotten your password, simply click the "Recover your password" button under the registration section. Enter your username and verify your mailbox; You will receive a link that will allow you to change your password on bıtcoin.

  • How to make a cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal?

    To make an Ether deposit, select the Deposit tab from the menu on the left and then enter the amount of balance you wish to add. Choose the payment method in the deposit options and click on deposit. The deposit will be added to your account after receiving the correct number of confirmations from the network. To make a withdrawal, in the tab "Finances and then in Withdrawal", after entering the amount you must select the payment method by which you want to withdraw.

  • How to transfer a digital currency to another account?

    To transfer to another account, log into our bıtcoin account and select "Finance then transfer" from the menu on the left. You have to know the ID of the bıtcoin user who is the recipient, enter the amount to be transferred and click "Transfer".

  • Why is my deposit pending?

    When you make a deposit to your account, you will need to wait until the transaction has the required number of confirmations shown on the deposit page for that currency. We can't credit the funds to your account until your deposit has the required number of confirmations as it can create a security risk. If you are depositing , there are two components for getting a deposit confirmed, the user confirmation and the sweep confirmation.